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Worshipping Around the World: Prayz! in Spain



“I have never seen so many people point to their hearts as they expressed to us how our ministry had touched them,” recalls Beverly Minor, team leader for the Prayz! trip to Spain.  Formed in 2003, Prayz! began ministering through music in Austria and Hungary in 2003 and 2005. In 2007 and 2009, the team traveled to Hungary, Austria, and Romania. In 2010, Prayz! went to Athens, Greece.  For their most recent trip, from September 21 through October 3, 2011, FBA’s Prayz! team led worship at nine ministry concerts, traveling throughout Vilanova, Vilafranca, Sitges, and Barcelona, Spain. This trip to Spain testifies to Prayz!’s commitment to use their musical gifts and testimonies to impact others around the world with the message of Jesus Christ.

FBA Faith Promise Missionary Eugenio Berruezo, who helps the local churches in Spain, witnessed the Prayz! team concerts. “How can I explain my emotions? Whenever I think about what we have done this week, my eyes fill with tears.  The most important thing is that together, thanks to their music, we presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people. For many of these people, it was the first time they were receiving such a clear testimony,” Eugenio clarifies.

“Most people of Spain consider themselves Catholic Christians, but far few actually attend church. Evangelical churches are viewed as a sect and are frowned upon,” explains Beverly. “Whether out of culture or financial constraints, the people of Vilanova had apparently found contentment in something we in the United States are dangerously at risk of losing in our desire to automate and virtualize everything. Relationships. Genuine, face-to-face relationships, unconcerned with the clock. But there is a sad reality. The most important relationship in these people's lives is not even missed or acknowledged here. Having an eternal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ is such a foreign concept to them that Pastor Eugenio tells us evangelical Christians represent a mere fraction of a percent of the population. In his 40-plus years ministering to these people, he could count on one hand those who had been baptized.”

Knowing this, the opportunity Prayz! had to sing during a baptism service at a church in Magallanes held special significance. Despite antagonistic views towards evangelical Christians, members from FBA witnessed both Christian and non-Christian attendees gather at their concerts and truly worship God. “Many sang, danced, wept, and lifted their hands to the Lord,” Beverly reminisces.  In fact, many faces became familiar as Christians began following the team from “concert to concert, bringing unsaved family members and neighbors. Opportunities like this provided us an avenue to issue InTouch Messengers.” Through this positive response, the Prayz! team felt “showered with His presence at every concert, guided, and protected, and confirmed in our hearts that we were sent to glorify Him,” proclaims Beverly.