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Sunday School Groups

Young Families
Joe Somers

10:45 a.m. | Room 2657 | Early 20s - Late 30s

Soul Mates
Charles Kihumba

10:45 a.m. | Room 2650 | Early 30s - Late 50s
Soul Mates is a class ministering to married couples, with or without children. Our focus is to help couples align their marriages with the biblical examples as laid out in Scripture and to build friendships with other Christian couples through bible study and fellowship.

An Incredible Marriage
Allen  Johnson

9 a.m. | Room 2657 | All Ages
Everyone enters marriage with dreams of a long-term, exciting relationship with the person they love; and, that’s how God intends it to be. But along the marriage journey, there can be bumps in the road, some of which seem like huge boulders. Now what? God created the marriage relationship and has provided us with the “how-tos” to make it exciting and forever lasting. Whether you’re thinking of marriage, engaged to be married, newly married, or want to strengthen your marriage, come learn with us how to make marriage Incredible!

New Families "The Abundant Life"
Marcus Robinson

10:45 a.m. | Room 2610 | Early 20s - Early 30s
The New Families class seeks to disciple young couples in God's plan for marriage, to equip husband and wives to be the mates and parents that God has called them to be and to give them the practical tools they need to build a lasting foundation for a godly home.