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Sunday School for Women

The Amazing Collection | 9 a.m. | Room 2440 | Led by Donna Ford
Do you want to form a more intimate relationship with God, our Father? Are you looking for a close-knit church family to share life with? If so, this class is for you! Join us as we study God’s Word, share encouragement, and fellowship together in a loving family environment.

Discovering God | 9 a.m. | Room 2655 | Led by Jennifer Rosania
Have you ever wanted to have a profound, intimate relationship with God that is alive with hope and joy—even in the midst of trials? Would you like to learn how deeply the Father loves you and how greatly He has provided for you? Then Discovering God is the class for you! In this class full of loving ladies, we delve deep into Scripture, looking at the background of the Biblical story, discovering the exciting work of God throughout history, and understanding how powerfully He relates to each of us today. God has a very special purpose for your life and your relationship with Him can come alive in ways you never thought possible. So come discover Him with us! We look forward to knowing you and experiencing Him together!

Ladies of Faith | 9 a.m. | Room 2455 | Led by Carol Kelly
Ladies of Faith is for women of all ages, desiring to know God, His plan, and how He communicates that plan to believers through His Word. This class is a book-by-book study of the Bible, with the goal of learning God’s unique revelation of Himself to the believer, and becoming good stewards of His Word.

Women of Purpose | 10:45 a.m. | Room 2630 | Led by Jean King
Women of Purpose is comprised of women of all ages. The teaching style is discussion oriented and is designed to equip the believer with spiritual understanding and knowledge of the Lord. Fellowship is encouraged through small groups, prayer and a time of praise.

C2 Women | 10:45 a.m. | Room 1651 | Led by Marcia Robertson
Our College Ministry enjoys fellowshipping with each other and getting connected through our ever changing world. This small group, within the ministry, has been created to facilitate the growth of stronger connections so that members can do life together. The group also allows for better conversation and a chance to interact in a healthy communication environment. We look forward to having you as part of the group!

Builders | 9:00 a.m. | Room 1360 | Sue Ellen Deadwyler
The Builders class honors God’s Word, offering a spirit of love shared by all members. We promise all visitors a warm welcome. Come join us!