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TBS | Women's Tuesday Bible Studies

Womens TBS

October 1 – November 12

10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.
Join us for one of our Fall Women's Tuesday Bible Studies: Me, Myself & Lies; Micah, Nahum and Habakkuk; and Real Mom Life.

Me, Myself & Lies (A Jennifer Rothschild Study)
Oct. 1 – Nov. 12
10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. (Child care available at 10 a.m.)
Room 2440 | Member Book $14
(Jennifer's book, Me, Myself & Lies is also available for $7)

Have you ever thought about what you say to yourself? It's been said that humans average 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day. With a number like that, you have to believe there is plenty of time for each one of those thoughts to be positive or negative. And what do they sound like when you use them to talk about yourself?

The TBS fall series kicks off with Me, Myself & Lies, a study by Jennifer Rothschild that explores the power of self-talk and the freedom that comes from telling yourself the truth about who God says you are. Experience growth, encouragement and friendship with other women this fall at TBS! Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Micah, Nahum and Habakkuk (A Kay Arthur Precept Study)
Oct. 1 – Nov. 12
10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. (Child care available at 10 a.m.)
Room 2430 | Member Book $14

Hear God's heart and understand His character through the words of the prophets in the Old Testament. As we continue our Precept Kings and Prophets Series, we meet Micah, Nahum and Habakkuk, the last prophets in the Southern Kingdom of Judah before the nation was taken captive to Babylon. During this time, the people of Assyria and Judah chose to worship idols rather than God. God used Micah, Nahum and Habakkuk to warn the nations that He would judge them unless they turned to Him in repentance. These three prophets will teach you how God deals with those who turn away from Him and how He gives a warning to turn toward Him rather than perish.

Real Mom Life (A new Mom to Mom Study by Linda Anderson)
Oct. 1 – Nov. 12
10 a.m. Only (Child care is available)
Room 2650 | Member Book $17

Real Mom Life is a biblically based study that encourages mothers in their everyday mom jobs. Providing perspective on more specific parenting situations, this series includes topics such as raising strong-willed children and learning challenges. This is about being a mom in the real world. Come enjoy the friendship of other moms as you learn from this great study!