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Adult Sunday School | Winter Session

Adult Sunday School Summer Session

Sundays starting December 2
9 and 10:45 a.m.

Study Genesis 25–50 in biblical and cultural context, this winter. Explore the roots of the gospel as the story of Abraham’s descendants unfolds. Isaac, Jacob, and their children become the focal points. Sin and brokenness are present in abundance, making the necessity for transformation clear. Following Jacob’s story provides an opportunity to consider your own. How have you experienced God’s transforming work in your life? Is there need for even more? Christ came into the world to make transformation and redemption available to all who repent and believe. As you study Genesis 25–50, may God teach you why the gospel is such good news! (13 sessions)

Welcome to the Adult Life Ministry

Welcome to the Adult Life Ministry. We desire to help you experience God through salvation, to grow in His grace through the Scriptures, and to equip you to live a meaningful life of service.

Growing as a Christian is fueled by connecting to a group of people who are committed to loving God, loving you and learning what it means to live on mission with the Lord in their daily lives.

In the Adult Life Ministry you will find…
• That you matter to God and to us.
• Answers to questions about the Bible and faith being answered and discussed.
• How God has uniquely gifted you to live life a full and meaningful life.
• How to take your next step of spiritual growth.


"...the GOAL of our instruction is love from a pure heart
and a good conscience and a sincere faith"
- 1 Timothy 1:5